july 2016
  AW Anniversary party
We celebrated the 21st birthday of Activeworlds, with games (hunt game, zookeeper game,...) , a parade and parties. And traditionally there is always a community picture.
This year we had a lot of new citizens and former citizens which had returned to AW,so that we have now a community picture with 160 citizens.
Just like last year, Bach Zhaa has added some citizens with Photoshop, for those who couldn't be there at the exact moment of the picture.
Finally on 8th of july the community picture of 2016 was ready.
Here the birthday felecitations by Kenneth. He has chosen to select the this street object as being the oldest object of Activeworlds. And indeed, when you start up nowadays a bot, the seed object is usually street1.rwx.
And there was a anniversary parade around the AWExpo area, with lots of bubbles and also a lot of motorbikes fromr the movers area in the south of AWExpo.