june 2016
  Hunt Games

After the succesful introducation of the Egghunt game in april in the AW Landing zone, the return of the huntbot is very promising for the Activeworlds Community. The hunt game is fun for the players , but is also fun for the world owners or citizens which are hosting the game. Some world owners haven't waited to use Strike Rapier's hunt bot. The only thing they needed to do in order to enable the huntbot, was giving bot rights and caretaker rights in the participating world.

The world Singalot hosted a coin hunt on 29th of May.

The world Poetic hosted a parcel hunt on 25th and 26th of June.

Coin hunt in the world Singalot.

The world Singalot has been started by former members of the world AWMyths, a world which have been abandoned after a member had broken the rules of the world, by deleting a large part of the central zone of the world, which had been a lot of work to build up. In march 2014 the world AWMyths was still ok, the problems happened afterwards. In march 2016, Vinnie explored that abandoned world and what happened then there,has lead to a succesfull internet video. Anyway, staff members of AWMyths haven't left Activeworlds, but have started up the world Singalot.

Stayjit is in charge of this world and he hosted this hunt with his friends , for most of the hunt gamers, this will be at the same time a world exploration...

The world Singalot has some similarities with the world AWMyths : it's also a fantasy world with castles and knights , elves, dragons and other imaginary creatures.

And when you look at the upper right corner , you will see a hud screen with "heatlh, manna and nutrition", those have been used as well in the gamebot of AWMyths. The world Singalot has the plan to start up this "survival game" in the near future. But now it's about the gold coin hunt game.

Some coins were hidden very well: under a bed or under a dresser and some coins appeared only after clicking upon an object , for instance a vase. The nicest example was by clicking upon some knights. Then a fall-down sequence began , which gave you the occasion to click the golden coins hidden inside the knights, then the knight soldiers stood up again.

Parcel hunt in the world Poetic.

At the start of the Activeworlds anniversary week, Genevieve (#281719) has hosted a parcel hunt in her world Poetic.

Also this world is a beautiful world to explore. because Genevieve is an excellent modeler of the Wing3d program . She hosted modelling classes from july till december 2014.

There were a lot of small parcels spread around this world, and some parcels were hidden in unobvious places, like for instance inside a lion's mouth ...