may 2016
  Wings3d Classes
Keshi has hosted a series of modelling classes with the program Wings3d .
This lessons are the perfect occasion for citizens which want to learn using the freeware modelling program Wings3d with the help of Keshi as a teacher, instead of having to learn it all by themselves. Wings3d is easy in use, compared to the other popular modeling programs and it has an excellent UVmapping program for putting the textures upon the model.
The lessons were hosted in the Wings3d school in the world Winter. This is on position 85N 598W or can jut type 'wings3d' in the chat and you will be teleported there.In the neighbourhood at 81N 598W, you will find the Self-Help Center, which has been established in 2010. Here you can view tutorials for 3 models.
The school building is on position 84N 595W. The classes with Keshi had a different approach then the self-help center. People which were interested in participating at Keshi's classes just needed to send a telegram.
In the Wing3s classroom, during each lesson, Keshi showed a large number image slides for each model that had to be created. and she explained everything with comments by using voice chat (VOIP).
After each lesson, you could go also to Keshi's world A!!Vines ,and teleport to the Wing3d area. Here the participants could review the slides. For those students, which had missed 1 or 2 lessons, this is very useful to catch up. You can also find here modeling exercises, to practice again what you had just learned. and you could e-mail the models to Keshi. The modeling skills of the wings3d students were exposed in the area next to the panels with the slides shows of the Wings3d lessons.