20 april 2016
  Huntbot reintroduced
The huntbot is back in Activeworlds after several years of absence. Some years ago, the hunt games had been hosted by Andras, who used a huntbot developed by himself. After Andras had left Activeworlds, there was no huntbot anymore , or no huntbot that had the same game functions and possibilities. And there were no easter egg or christmas parcel hunt games anymore.

During the community meetings the hunt game was often mentioned on the wishlist for new projects or new games in Activeworlds. Some people decided to develop such kind of bot. At the same time a lot of ancient citizens have returned. One of them is Strike Rapier who has a huntbot that works pretty well.

Bach Zhaa did not hesitate and introduced the new hunt game on 20th april in the AWExpo area .

The hunt game is very simple : you need to click upon certain objects. In this case you needed to click upon golden eggs. These golden eggs were hidden in an area of 200 meters around the hunt bot. This means in this case still inside the AwExpo area , the area inside the trolley railway .

Every click upon a golden egg will rise your score with 1 point. For this game there were only 50 golden eggs in total, but they are not easy to find.

Every visitor can participate, and this is a fact as soon as you click upon 1 golden egg, and your name will appear on the egghunt players list .

You can view the top 5 players , by typing the command in the chat : /egg leaderboard
You can see the complete scoreboard by going to this webpage :
Or by clicking upon the Hotep avatar png-image, you will go the the same webpage.


GSK has announced already a prize of 5000 PTZ for those players who can find the 50 eggs before the 1st of may, but limited to the first 5 players.

In any case, the return of the huntbot is very promising for the Activeworlds Community, and there can be planned to host the hunt game in other worlds as well . Either there can be chosen to do a hunt every month in a different world. Or there can be hosted a big hunt event in several worlds at the same time.

The hunt game is fun for the players , but is also fun for the world owners or citizens which are hosting the game. It's not only about hiding the objects for the hunt players, but you can also make small quests before a player can obtain a hunt object.

In any case, Strike Raper, the owner of the huntbot, has announced that bot rights and caretaker rights are required in order to enable the huntbot in your world.