16th april 2016
  EBTS 7 - Announcement of the winners
On 16th april at 9 PM VRT there was the final announcement of the winners of the 7th EBTS contest (Extreme Builders Talent Show). So everyone who was involved went to the world Yellow 1800N 1600W to know the results. 
The game was entirely hosted by Bach Zhaa : preparation of the terrains and the game area, searching for prize donations, granding building lots, and also the presentation of the winners of the 7th EBTS. The building contest started officially on 1st february and ended on 27th march. Then there were 2 weeks of judging. There was a team of 10 judges to do this.
Among the 30 participants, there were again some high qualified builds. After the announcement of the 3 winners, everyone was invited to visit the builds together.
The prizes donations for the 3 winners were AWcredits, a 3d world and extra PTZ.
1. Apooka - Terra Incognita Station Una
2. Stanly - GoldnSilver mine
3. Kenneth - Water Park and Cavern Paradise
4. Stayit
5. Enkii
6. Lensman
7. TenYearsGone
8. Ozyseo
9. SaintlyMic
10. Memyself
Read more about the EBTS7 builds on the "explore" page :

Apooka (#363660)

Stanley (#299665)

Kenneth (#313432)