10th till 17th april 2016
  Amazing MaXGigaBash Party
Maxpoly had his 60th birthday and for this occasion he has hosted a birthday Party week under the name "MaXGigaBash".
The party week took place in the world AWMix07 all week long in the party building * The Blues Factory * for games, endless jams of live and recorded concerts, streams & videos. The Blues Factory club contains a central bar with view on a performance stage with can be used for video streaming too. The worlds around contain grafitti paintings and pictures of some of the great performers of the 70s and of typical ads for that time.
On wednesday 13th april (also the real birthday of Maxpoly) ,there was a concert with Aztech Rising Band and Artist3d at the Bash. Aztech Rising did give live concerts already before in Activeworlds and we know also Artist3d from the world Minutia.
The concert bus was stationed again in Activeworlds, this time in front of the Blues Factory club, for another live concert. A lot of people enjoyed their live performance.
One night of this party week, Maxpoly was presenting a Classic Theater Night, with a special about the long favored Doctor Who Episode : The Five Doctors.
This the occasion of seeing again a popular British series of the early days all the fuss and fun was about and how its still suvived as 1 of the longest running tv series around the world.

Another evening was dedicated to recorded concerts of popular bands of the 70s. One of the concerts was about a live band that is performing covers of famous band Pink Floyd.

The other party evenings consisted of music with dance parties and proceeded by "Mind Games". Mind Games and Candyland game are two popular games created by Maxpoly for being played in Activeworlds.
Finally some close-up pictures of the various citizens during this party week.