26th march 2016
  OMG Awards Ceremony
The OMG Awards Ceremony had been postponed a few times, but finally GSK has hosted this event on saturday 26th march in Alphaworld near the AWExpo area, on position 7761S 1394E.
This awards are an alternative for the CYAwards (Community Awards, hosted by Maxpoly), which were not hosted last year.

A lot a citizens had come to the OMG Awards Ceremony, as there were a lot of categories and a lot of nominations. These were the award winners for each category :

The detailed results can still be viewed on the webpage : http://omg.myaw.us/
1. Active Community (World or Town)
* Kuma Bear with Bleakwood
* TenYearsGone with Happy Valley
* America's Builders Team with America Fun Park
2. Best World Design
* Iao Moonshadow and Ozyseo with Combat game world
* Nursemom and Bach Zhaa with AWReunion
* Maxpoly with the CYAwards
3. Better Building
* Bach Zhaa with AWExpo
* Stanly with Intramuros
* Maxpoly with Winter Wonderland
4. Community Leader
* Bach Zhaa
* Mel
5. Community Stimulus
* Bach Zhaa with the EBTS (Extreme Builders Talent Show)
* Bach Zhaa with the Community Meeting
* Keshi with the Explorer's Club
6. Creative Design
* Apooka and Ozman with Texture City
* Apooka and Ozman with Halloween Ball
* Maxpoly with Dance Movers System
7. Historical Awareness
* Kenneth with AW History Museum
* DMC2U with DMC2U's Home
8. Non Profit Contribution
* Tart Sugar with her Object Yard
* Tomas with AW Universe Statistics
* Iao Moonshadow and Ozyseo with Combat game world
* Kenneth with AW History Museum
9. Online Resource
* Rick/Mel/GSK with AW Facebook
* Tomas with AW Universe Statistics
* Lensman with AWSource

10. Technical Achievement
* TenYearsGone and Bach Zhaa with Pipe Dreams.
* Maxpoly with CandyLand game
* James with America's Fun Park (Droomvlucht)
11. Realism
* Stanly with Intramuros
* Dodgy with Agora Garden
* DbzFan345 with Lincoln Center
12. Hall of Fame
* Oklahomatraveler with AW Game Expo