20th february 2016
  Pic Game
A lot of ancient citizens have returned to Activeworlds lately. One of this citzens is Ramius (#339945) and he decided also to resume a game that he had hosted before. And it is called the Pic Game. The game was hosted in the world Delight.
The Pic Game consists of rebus pictures and the players need to guess what this picture represents. For this game edition, only 17 pictures were presented. But keep in mind that making this quiz , this is first thinking about a suitable rebus and then designing picture of this rebus and this requires a lot of preparation !
Some of the players had played this game many years ago. The prize for the winner of this game were 500 PTZ , you can collect these "pointz" on the MyAw.us website). Winner of this game was Grell Sutcliffe. You can also try to play this game here for the pictures on this webpage, and these are the solutions in random order : "sleeping pill" , "homesick", "from zero to hero" , "whipped cream" and "lemonade" .
All of the players enjoyed this picture quiz, and we hope that there will be a new game edition soon .