jan. 2016
  January Parties
Activeworlds remains fascinating thanks to the many parties and events .Mel continues with hosting her TGIF parties on different locations in Activeworlds. And this also is the occasion to show you here a wider variety of pictures.
TGIF party in  Castle Spam-a-Lot ( 8th january)
The first TGIF party of 2016 was hosted in Castle Spam-a-Lot , in Alphaworld on position 1478S 3262E and is this building located in Happy Valley area, most of which has been built by TenYearsGone (#378183).

The castle Spam-a-Lot consists of arches, torches , flags, and medieval carpets , all of this is sufficient to create a medieval atmosphere. There is also a large cocktail bar with spirits and liquors.

TGIF party in  AW Game Expo ( 15th january)
The 2nd TGIF party of 2016 was hosted in the AW Game Expo area, located in Alphaworld on position 7792S 1339E , and is built by Oklahoma Traveler (#391054).

The area consists of the wide variety of popular games and new games , for all of which the gravity command has been used. And a lot of games are still in development phase as well.

In the center of the Game Expo area , you will find the dance floor area, which constant changes of video animations. There are also 5 dance poles upon which you can go up and down.

TGIF party in  Yellow EBTS (22nd january)
The EBTS 7 is hosted this year in Yellow on position 1800N 1600W and will start officially on 1st february. This TGIF was a warming up for the big event to come.


TGIF party in  Keppler22b (29th january)
Keppler22b is a world owned by Dovestar , and it's a world for learning and information.The dance club is at 6N 21E , where you will also find a rollercoaster. Both are builds made by Ozyseo. Inside the dance hall you can find gravity animations, which finally activate/desactivates PE-lights. Certainly the dancefloor is impressive with constantly changing pe-animations. There is also a nicotine-free sigarettes vending machine. Some party people had chosen to be a borg or a dog.
Beach party in  AWReunion (30th january)

There hasn't been a party for a while in AWReunion, but this time it was a beach party in  Luau Island , so everyone had to change the outfit of their avatar into beachwear. Luau Island Party Area is located at 127S 225W. This small island is very popular,and has been used several times for the TGIF and birthday parties, you will find tropical plants, dancing houses, a wide range of dance sequences, a concert podium, a barbecue with a picnic area. The small mountain with waterfall contains a light animation. There is a railway (click upon the train and view the animation) and you can choose and wear your favourite "Lei". After the party there was again a new combat game in the world Combat.