Building ideas
  Physics (1) examples
Where to find gravity examples ?  
1. The world AWSchool  
From the AWSchool world entry point, you can teleport to the tutorial park, and from there you can teleport to the physics area.
Physics by OzySEO AWSchool 129S 130E
examples of physics AWSchool 24N 171W
Kalana - other examples of physics AWSchool 114N 88E 180
Dreme Lojyk's observations on Collider Primitive Geometries AWSchool 123S 143E
Dreme Lojyk's Cloth Observations (about Cloths) AWSchool 39N 171W 180
2. The world AWPhysics  
World with various examples of physics and cloths AW Physics 201N 200W
  AW Physics 1N 1W
3. Yellow Physics Area  
This area consists of 48 building lots, hosted by Ozyseo, you can ask your own building lot. The purpose is to use your lot for examples of physics and cloths , or to do testing and learn the building skills of physics and cloths.
Area with a lot of examples of physics and cloths. Yellow 1756S 750E
Physics by OzySEO (tutorial area is also here ) Yellow 1711S 759E
4. AW Game Expo  
Games area where you have various games with physics , made by OklahomaTraveler. AlphaWorld 7792S 1337E
Testing physics out yourself ...
Go to the Physics Area in the world Yellow , which is hosted by Ozyzeo, and ask him for a building lot. The Physics Area in Yellow 1756S 750E has 48 building lots,with examples of physics and cloths , and it's also a testing area for building building physics and cloths. The Physics tutorial by Ozyseo is located at Yellow 1711S 759E.
Now some simple examples ...
1. Starting with 1 collider object
We create a beachball and we put it a bit above the ground.
create collider sphere
activate collider sphere
By using "create collider" , the object has "gravity" and falls down immediately. If you right-click (=building mode) upon the object, then the object will be reset into its original position. If you finish the building mode , then the object falls down again.
If you use "activate collider" , then the object will fall down only after clicking upon it. But after having clicked the object for the first time, the object will continue falling down, after right-clicking, This problem can be solved by adding a reset button.
3. Adding a half-cilinder object
Now we will build a excavated half-cylinder underneath the beachball and we "slope" the object, so that the ball falls into the half-cylinder and then towards the ground.
We don't put anything yet in the action field and we test this out:
You will see that the object falls through the half-cilinder.
Now we add gravity to that half-cilinder:
create collider
The half-cilinder falls onto the ground. (just like the ball)
create collider static
By using the command "static" the gravity works only on the outside borders of the object (Right-click to view the exterior "yellow" lines of the model). Now the beachball does not fall inside the excavated half cylinder. We will solve this by adding the primitive type of the model (box/cone/sphere/cilinder/hull/capsule/tree).
create collider hull static
create collider tree
If you use "collider tree", then you don't need to add "static". The object becomes solid and the beachball falls down into the sloped object.
2. Adding a reset button
The solution is adding a name command and apply a move command upon the beachball. By clicking the sign with "reset", the beachball will return in its original position.
activate collider sphere , name b1
create sign "reset" ; activate move 0.1 name=b1
Picture 1 : On the left side : both objects fall onto the ground
t_bchball.rwx - create collider sphere
p1hcyl0100e.rwx - create collider
On the right side : the ball falls down into the half-cilinder after clicking upon it.
t_bchball.rwx - activate collider sphere
p1hcyl0100e.rwx - create collider hull static
or also :
p1hcyl0100e.rwx - create collider tree
4. Adding another collider object
The beachball falls down into the sloped object, but runs further downwards on the ground. Now we will build an object at the bottom of the excavated half cylinder, which will keep the beachball inside the excavated half cylinder.
create collider box static
create collider tree
activate collider sphere global , name b1
You can also add "global", so that others can see the action as well. However, the <global> command does not work for all applications : a ball will move into a random direction and this is different on every computer.That's why you can't play an ordinary soccer game, because everyone will see the soccerball moving into another direction. But the <global> command works well if the object is forced to move into 1 direction, in this example it can only fall into the excavated cylinder.
Also resetting the object into its original position with <global> works perfectly.
If you fly too far away (out of visibility), the objects with physics will be reset.
Picture 2 : After clicking upon the beachball , it will roll into the half-cilinder and stops at the crate. A reset button makes it possible that you can repeat this action.
5. ........ (under construction)