For 2015, this category will be discontinued, articles related to "venice3d-world" will be on the "news/explore/events" webpages.
  Venice3D participates at CYAwards

This AWTimes website has been sent as a nomination entry for the 2014 CYAwards, under the category "Supportive Websites" . AWTimes is a part of the website , which supports the world Venice3d in Activeworlds and Venezia in the AW-Europe universe. But the AWTimes is mostly dedicated to all about Activeworlds.

The Gravity Trivia game, which has been introduced in february this year, has also been sent as a nomination for the 2014 CYAwards under the category "Interactive Games".

So there are two chances of obtaining a CY award. But there is strong competition in bot categories, ....we will see.


  Gravity Trivia in Venice3d

Venice3d represents a smaller version of the real Venice, but now the world changes into the game mode. The Gravity Trivia is one of the first games using the gravity command in Activeworlds. The game can be played with 42 players, and each player has a gameboard of 33 balls at his/her disposal. The questions for this quiz are in english and will be rather easy, so that the game remains fun for everyone. Everyone will get scores , even if you have or a slow brain or slow fingers :). There are 4 games levels : easy - medium - hard and extreme, and 10 questions for each level. There is a winner for each game level.