Sleep sweetly Nitecap

Nitecap did pass away on 24th on January , she had suddenly died during her sleep, nobody had expected this. Her real name is Kimberley Davis she died at the age of 60. Her AW-friend TenYearsGone heard about her death from a telegram sent by Nitecap's husband asking to tell this sad news to the other citizens.

Everyone in the AW Community knew her, she had a leading role in the AW Community, she organized parties like the Christmas party on 21st december in her world Kitteths and the Barn Dance Party in november, which she organized with her friend TenYearsGone. Also the first explorers club event of 2014 was in her world Kitteths. Nitecap was also one of the Directors for the Gatekeeper Organization. She was a great person and had a wonderful love for AW and all the citizens here. She was everyone's friend and she was member of the 4 Activeworlds Facebook groups as well

She also participated at a lot of events : this AWTimes newsletter has been started since july/august 2013 and you will find a lot of good pictures with Nitecap (events pages+ explorers club pages) . Look also here at some additional pictures on this webpage, and see who she was....

This is a picture of Kimberley Davis as she was in real life. I found this picture of her in the world Alaska.


21 july 2013 - AW community meeting in America - Nitecap is dressing in green.

03 nov 2013 - AW community meeting in Yellow


14 Dec 2013 - GK Holiday party

31 dec 2013 - Funbox - Who wants to be a millionnaire

28 July 2013 - AWReunion Spam Day : on a flying carpet with some friends

11 Jan 2014 - Explores Club in Nitecap's world Kitteths

31 Dec.2013 - Funbox - End of the Year Rave

31 Dec.2013 - Lasershow at 00:00 VRT (New Year2014).

07 dec 2013 - Explorers Club in the world Winter : preparing for a group picture.

The group picture session..read the story...

30 nov 2013 - Happy Valley Barn Dance

Happy Valley Barn Dance : explaining about the trolley movers.

For multi-user : wait 10 seconds after clicking the mover.

22 dec. 2013 - Winter Christmas Parade

16 nov.2013 -AWReunion - November birthday party

18 jan.2014 -AWReunion - January birthday party

11 jan.2014 - AWSchool - Party in Club Silhouette

Nitecap at the discobar

19 Jan.2014 - America - AWCommunity meeting : Nitecap's last picture alive (sitting on a chair).

25 Jan.2014- Kitteths - Nitecap is AFK forever...