The AW Community on Facebook

Activeworlds has several Facebook groups: Facebook is a very popular internet medium and it"s a place where you can meet people outside Activeworlds, that have never heard about AW till now. So the Facebook groups are an important medium to get in contact with new potential visitors.

If you go to a webpage of the Facebook group, you won't be able to see it , because Facebook will ask for to log in first. You need to create your own (free) account on Facebook , and then to log in with that facebook account .

Each Facebook groups has a large group of members, some of which you will recognize from seeing online in Activeworlds. You can read about ideas, you can view a lot of pictures , and there are even videos about parties and events or about building skills. A Facebook group looks like a forum, but it looks rather like a blog : you need to scroll down to see older posts. You can also become a member of an Activeworlds group and you can also add yourself comments and reactions, pictures and videos . You will find a lot of other pictures and other information that you won't find in the forum, newsletters, wikipages , so it's always useful to take a look at the Facebook groups too .

Some AW Facebook groups

"Activeworlds - Official"
You have the official Facebook page of Rick Noll (=ENZO), the C.E.O. of Activeworlds. This facebook group has been created recently (Group since 12 august 2013). - 84 members (december 2013)
This Facebookgroup is the largest one with a lot more members and more activity , as this group already exists for 2 years - (Group since sept.2011) - 529 members (dec'2013)
This Facebookgroup represents the world AWReunion , which is in fact the universe entry world , where you will find Gatekeepers and Greeters - (Group since 4 july 2013) - 67 members (dec'2013)
"Happy Valley"
This Facebookgroup is named after a location in Alphaworld, (startup since 18 august 2013) - 25 members (dec'2013)

Get in contact with groups related to AW

Who says Activeworls says "3d" . And a lot of AW members are also member of Facebook groups related to Activeworlds . This could be another AW universe or galaxy , or anything that has to do with 3d modelling or with chatting in 3d environments.

AW is not only Facebook

Finally , we can say : you can read all these facebook groups, but don't forget that those groups are only to support the aw community, most of the time of "energy" should go to visiting, building and creating in Activeworlds, instead of reading all facebook group pages.