Build your 3D present or card for your friends

In Alphaworld (AW) , you can also build a 3d present for your friends. There is a wide area for "Birthdays", and also there is a location for "Get Well"-wishes. And also 3d-presents for "Holidays",such as Valentine,Easter, Halloween,Thanksgiving, Chrismas, New Year , and also for special events such as the Activeworlds anniversary. The are also "Memorial" sites for those citizens who have passed away or have lost a family member .

Teleport to this location : 9118N 18865E in Alphaworld (AW) .

On this picture: the birthday wall is prepared for the next months...

An area in AW of great value...

In fact this whole area concerns the entire AW Community, which brings all of us together and make us better friends.

It's not only a location with a great emotional value, but also here you will find the best building skills and ideas of the whole AW universe.

Not just one 3d-gift area in Alphaworld...

Alphaworld is a large world and lasts for many years, the 3d-gift areas have been built in different locations in Activeworlds, here is the teleport list :

- from sept 2008 till today 2013 --- 9118N 18865E

- from march 2006 till july 2008 --- 8678S 2176E

- from june 2003 till june 2005 --- 8288S 941E


On the information wall of the 2003-2005 area, "Birthday City" has been started in june 2003.

So there is no specific birthday area before 2003 in Alphaworld. Then there were a group of citizens making birthday plots for their friends, but there was no birthday wall or organized building zone.


The areas on Alphamapper

There is a world map of the Alphaworld which you can view by using the Alphamapper program, for this go to the website :

And there you choose "View map", and then you see the global map. At the right you will see the mouse location, now bring your mouse to location 9100N 18800E. Now zoom in to this location where you recognize the 3d-gift areas.

Your will see only a few building lots ,because this building area has only started in september 2008 and the Alphamapper map has been made in november 2008 (read this on the alphamapper website). So this new area existed only since a few months .

When you go to the the 3d-gift area which has been made between 2006 and 2008 , then you will see a large number of building lots , as in november 2008 (when the Alphamapper map was made), this area was already built completely.

The area from 2003 till 2005 is located next to the 2006-2008 area.


Build yourself your 3d gift

If you want to give a 3d present to a friend, you can build yourself a present or make a card with your wishes. For every birthday/event there are 6, 9 ,12 building plots , where everyone can start to build, if all spots are occupied , then the area can be expanded.

You can also see that all gifts have been built perfectly, there are very talented birthday builders, so before starting to build here, you better go to the AWSchool world to learn all skills. The AWSchool teachers will welcome you !!


Register and put yourself on the birthday wall

You can mail or telegram your birthday to Nursemom(#304857) , who is organizing the new birthday plots in Alphaworld. Or you can telegram for your friend's birthday and make a surprise. Don't telegram the year of birth, these is no database by age.

Tunablues and Dreamer2 were in charge of "Birthday City" from 2003 till 2005, then Barnerbee took over and organized the plots from 2006 till 2008, and from 2008 till now Nursemom is in charge, and she's doing a great job.

For each month to come, Nursemom prepares the birthday building lots. All birthdays are kept in a file, and at the end of each month.Nursemom sends also a telegram to all the citizens in her contact list about the birthdays of next month. In that way, all the friends have enough time to make a nice build for their friends.


Look here for inspiration for a birthday present !

If you don't know what you can give as a birthday present, come and fly to the birthday areas and look around :)

Look what we found : flowers or a vase with flowers, a cocktail, shoes, perfume, a birthday cake, a pie, a surprise box, jewels, a shopping bag, pets and teddy bears, chocolates, desserts , a digital camera, ice cream , a drink glass set, knitting wool ,....

....if you really don't know, you can always give a 3d world :)