Memorial Places in Activeworlds

Activeworlds exists already since 1995 , this means already 18 years people can come and visit and start being part of the AW Community. Over such as long period however and with such a large number of visitors coming online, some of those people have done a great contribution for AW , have passed away during that period.

For them there is a memorial place in Alphaworld , for each of them there are builds of friends which commemorate them, as an expression of condoleance, and also because these people loved AW. Also for citizen family members , there are memorial sites.

The memorial site teleport center coordinates are 9118N 18865E in Alphaworld (AW) .

Jetta Lewis

On 8th august 2013 , Jetta Lewis has passed away. He wasn't an ordinary citizen, but he was the founder of the worlds America and AWSchool. These 2 worlds always have always been important worlds for Activeworlds and still are nowadays. Jetta Lewis also has run the galaxy Newfoundland during a few years, but this site doesn't exist anymore.

The team members of AWSchool and America have taken over the 2 worlds and the object path has been maintained.


On 12th july 2012 , DMC2U has passed away, he was probably the best gatekeeper AW ever had, he also made websites to support AW. He was also a great supporter of AW-Europe, where he helped all people visiting the new Titanic3D launched in april 2012. Also there you will find a memorial place of him . DMC2U did also world hosting at a very low price, some world owners were hosted by him.


In march 2011, Mauz has passed away. She made a very detailed website with essential information for users in the Activeworlds universe. When Mauz has passed away, Activeworlds had decided immediately to take over the content of her website, so that the website information wouldn't be lost.

These are the Mauz activeworlds infopages :

Memorial World in Aw-Europe universe

In the AW-Europe universe, you will find the world "Remember", where you will find this memorial site for DMC2U.

Also AW-Europe does exist 10 years now, and also here some people have passed away, in July 2013 , Wapsie had suddenly passed away.




Wapsie has passed away on 5th July 2013. She owned 2 worlds in AW-Europe during those years : Wapsland and DeEntree. She was a very active user and she kept playing the 3d games in the worlds Landpick and ToTheTop and she liked to participate with her worlds at the yearly Hunt game.

She also had a recipes website , which was even more succesful, and in 2011 her recipes website became headline news in the newspapers and on TV. You can read about this on this AW-Europe newsletter webpage:

After her death, her website has been put offline, which included unfortunately also the object path of her worlds.