The AW Community on Facebook

Activeworlds has several Facebook groups: Facebook is a very popular internet medium and it"s a place where you can meet people outside Activeworlds, that have never heard about AW till now. So the Facebook groups are an important medium to get in contact with new potential visitors.

If you go to a webpage of the Facebook group, you won't be able to see it , because Facebook will ask for to log in first. You need to create your own (free) account on Facebook , and then to log in with that facebook account .

  3D present Sites

Build your 3D present or card for your friends

In Alphaworld (AW) , you can build a 3d present for your friends. There is a wide area for "Birthdays", and also there is a location for "Get Well"-wishes. And also 3d-presents for "Holidays",such as Valentine,Easter, Halloween,Thanksgiving, Chrismas, New Year , and also for special events such as the Activeworlds anniversary. Nursemom(#304857) is in charge of organizing the birthday/events area.In the same buiding zone, there is also a condoleance area (read the article below).

  Memorial Sites


Activeworlds exists already since 1995 , this means already 18 years people can come and visit and start being part of the AW Community. Over such as long period however and with such a large number of visitors coming online, some of those people which have done a great contribution for AW , have passed away during that period.

For them there is a memorial place in Alphaworld , for each of them there are builds of friends which commemorate them.

  The Explorers Club

The Explorers Club is a new community which has started its activities in July 2013. The purpose of the Explorer's Club is to make a monthly event by choosing a world or world location and to explore together in group. The hope is that more people will be inspired to create great things in AW , and it's also a lot more fun to meet new people, and visit things together and you can also talk about the building skills and creations and exchange new ideas witch the other visitors.

Keshi (#352322) has been designated the spokesperson for the guiding committee of the Explorers Club. The place of appointment for each event is the universe entry point (in july till september it was AWMall, as from october it's AW (=AlphaWorld) ), where will be revealed each time which world will be visited. Each event is announced in the AW Forum.

If you have a location or world you want to see the Explorers Club visit ,you can send an email about this information to .
Read about each Explorers Club event on the webpage "Explore" of this AWTimes newsletter.

  The AW School

The AW School Community consists of a team of teachers which will help you in the world AWSchool with problems and questions about the AW environment : about how to make a cav , how start to build, use simple building commands, etc. But also advanced building like using the gravity commands, using movers , how to use an object path, how to make a movie,..etc.

On the AWSchool website you will find the staff members of the Awschool Community: or also . There is also a teachers page : their responsibilities, application forms for teachers, and the teachers list. Finally you will find a webpage with teleport links of tutorials in the AWSchool world , and also a lot of website links ,such as free models, modeling programs , bot programs, and other useful utilities:

You will see that a lot of our citizens are a member of the Awschool Community , either as a teacher or as a guide.

  The Yellow Gazette

The first Yellow Gazette has been published in 2010. And this has become the AW Newsletter in August 2013, as the traditional AWNewsletter has been stopped since January 2013.

The Yellow Gazette is a gazette in the first place about the Yellow world : new buildings and events in Yellow, and there is enough to show as this is also a huge world where everyone can build and there is a wide range of objects to choose from. You will find cooking recipes (Joe) , stories and fun stuff. In Nellie's Garden Page you will find each time new textures , masks and png-files which you can use for your own build. And you will find information about utilties and building and textures, which are useful for everyone in Activeworlds. There is also a webpage with info for newbies.

There is a whole team helping to realize each new Yellow Gazette edition : Ozman, Apooka, Joe the Caterer, Fuzzy, Ms Nellie, Ms Trudy Tangleclaw, Randy, Theo,....(....see the credits of each Yellow Gazette)

Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to find the Yellow Gazette archive. You can also find all yellow gazette editions in the Archive webpage of this AWTimes.

  The AW Wiki

This is another interesting source for everyone who is in Activeworlds , here you can also log in and add articles yourself.

You can find information about building and modeling , about the different version upgrades, information about worlds and communities, etc. The difference with the forum is that the wiki is about giving clear information, whereas in the forum you have subjects with questions and replies and reactions.

Sometimes it's very useful to look here for information that you can't find in the forum.

This is the AWWiki portal webpage :




  The AW Forum

The AW Forum contains a lot of useful information for every visitor of Activeworlds : announcements , games and events, building tips, FAQs , bot programs, modelling, ..etc. This is the website of the forum :

You can read all posts and you can also add something yourself (on the right corner at the top of the webpage you can create a new profile and log in). In the forum, all visitors use the same nickname as they use in Activeworlds, including the name citizen number. But you need to use another password to log in here in the forum.,5

There is also a forum archive , of the articles that have been posted from 2006 till july 2012: : here you read only, you can't add any posts. The new forum has started in january 2013 : every citizen can add a message in the forum.