NEWS 2013
  December 2013
  Christmas events in Activeworlds

In the world Winter you can build your own christmas theme in the Winter Holiday Village II ( 718N 1960E) and is located next to the Winter Holiday Village of 2010. Some of us have seen those buildings of 2010 already with the Explores Club on 7th December. There are 56 building lots , ask of telegram to Bach Zhaa(#360197) for your own building lot. You can build during the whole christmas period.

There are also several parties : on 14th december the GK holiday party, on 21th december the Xmas party at @Kitteths, and on 22nd there is a Xmas Parade in the Winter Holiday Village (there will be 3 parades). On 28th there is the December birthday party @AWReunion and there are 2 parties planned for celebrating the New Year on THE 31st . Look at the calendar page for more info.

  December 2013
  AW Community meetings (december)
5th January 2014 @ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area),361830


* Presentation of Stanley's village : Puerta de San Jackelyn - AW 10255N 30929E 1a

* Possibility for a new EBTS (Extreme builder talent show - building contest)
* Preparation in Winter Holiday Village for a Christmas parade
* Tip : removing the "stars"


15 December 2013 @ Winter Holiday Village (714N 1963E),361850

* Presentation of Winter Holiday Village 2013 building area
* EBTS (Extreme builder talent show) - building contest in America starting Jan 4th
* Christmas parade in Winter
* Editing AW Wiki pages
* Tip : timer command for making presentations
* Tip : waypoints calculator for movers
  November 2013
  AWSchool : teaching schedule and calendar

AWSchool has introduced a brand new teachers schedule, mentioning all the teachers showing when they are online for teaching classes. The schedule is located at the world entry square.

You will also see an "individual" appointment schedule, where a student can make an appointment with a teacher for a teaching class. By viewing the teachers schedule at the left you will know which teacher you have to telegram to. When the appointment is "booked" , you will see that is indicated in red.

There is also a calendar , mentioning the events "for all" in AWschool world , such as Mover Workshops and parties. The calendar is also located at the world entry square.

  November 2013
  AW Community meetings (november)
3 November 2013 @ Yellow Halloween Ball area ( 150S 1762E ),361758

* Kenneth launches party in his world Kenneth
* PChard launches AWRadio
* Discussion about the portal world
* Arsène opens the world Teleports
* Tips ans shortcuts : the tray icon , - how to put yourself in a spin
  November 2013
  AW Internet radios

AWRadio is back .

AWRadio was founded in 1995 by SilverFerret (=PChard). The radio has been managed by several citizens over the past few years until 2008. In april 2012 AWRadio has been restarted, and now in november 2013 , PChard (#320577) runs again the AWRadio. (Read more on AWWiki : ). You can listen to AWRadio at . At the moment there is no schedule when the radio is transmitting, but more info will be added soon : there world PChard is the home world for AWRadio.

RJBradio, PKToons and Nursemom radio

There are still other radio stations in AW for many parties in the worlds. There is , owned by Dovestar(#278411) , and is running since 1997. There is also (PeaceKeeperToons) owned by Class 3 (#288391),( ), Nursemom radio, owned by Nursemom (#304857), ), and Terra.Libre radio owned by Bukka (#301389)


  October 2013
  AW Community meetings (october)
6 October 2013 @ AWReunion Bling LZ ( = 403S 398W ),361695

* AWReunion : Bling theme building event
* Halloween party in Yellow
* AWSchool reopening
* Tips ans shortcuts :
20 October 2013 @ AWSchool,361729

* All about events : Halloween, Explorers Club, SWCity Interactive, TGIF,...
* Tower of Terror in Funbox world
* Improving the AW Portal Zone
* CyAwards in spring 2014
* Tips ans shortcuts : ini tweaks
  September 2013
  AW Community meetings (september)
1 September 2013 @ Alvacado,361568


* Presentation of Alvacado world
* Phone chat application (bot development)
* Happy Valley on Facebook
* AWMyths developing project
* Hydra site on facebook about games and game developments
* Tips : Configure Controls for laptops and gaming , "Set To my Location"-button
15 September 2013 @ Funbox,361623

* Presentation of Funbox world , presentation of Hydra and Tower of Terror
* AWReunion : Bling theme , AWReunion on facebook
* Party's and events for the next month
* Events that we are missing in AW : CyAwards, AWExpo, Support AW
* Tips ans shortcuts : SWCity builders academy
  August 2013
  AW Community meetings (august)


4 August 2013 @ Alphaworld LZ (= AW 2000N 7000E ),361439

* Activeworlds got a renewed website
* What can we do for Activeworlds , how to attract new users ?
* Immigration Officer universe announcements
* New user expectations / Citizens exceeding expectations...
* Tips ans shortcuts : full screen mode , handsfree walking, paint, gimp
18 August 2013 @ SWCity (= AW 2218S 3610E ),361518

* Presentation of SWCity interactive (in Alphaworld)
* Community managers meeting
* AW on facebook
* The Yellow Gazette and AWTimes
* Tips ans shortcuts : selections for building
  August 2013
  Yellow Gazette : the new AW newsletter

The Yellow Gazette is the new official newsletter.

Since there was no new release of the AW Newsletter since january 2013, AW had to look for a substitute. After the switch in june, AW needs new support within the AW community and they have chosen for the Yellow Gazette, which was very obvious, as the Yellow Gazette had issues since 2010 and it is the only other newsletter, and quite a lot of citizens are making an article for each issue. You will find information about the Yellow world, and tutorials for newbies , but also for advanced builders. You will find a link to the Yellow Gazette in the AW immigration message, each time you log in into Activeworlds.

This AWTimes newsletter has only started in august, after the Yellow Gazette has become the official newsletter for AW. The AWTimes remains an alternative newsletter and it's a good thing that there are different sources of information.

  July 2013
  AW Community meetings (july)
7 July 2013 @AWReunion LZ (= AWReunion 270S 270E ),361295

* America world looks for qualified builders
* The Birthday Builders community looks for volunteers
* Gatekeepers, Peacekeepers, AWSchool and AWTours look for volunteers
* AW Wiki has started a projects list
* Cost of bot rights threatens the Bot Developing Community
21 July 2013 @ Pueblo (= America 37S 285W ),361361

* Presentation of Pueblo in America :
* Other places in America : Neophyx, Bedrock and a new amusement park
* The startup of the Explorers Club
* We need new events...
* After the switch : AWMall , the AWI contact form
* Tips : use of local object path , SW City website, .ini tweaks , zoom function, bots
  June 2013
  AW Community meetings (june)
2nd June 2013 @AWReunion LZ (= AWReunion 270S 270E ),360923

* Rick Noll (ENZO), CEO of Activeworlds, announces major changes for the Activeworlds universe .
* free citizenship - world pricing - cav path - universal object path
* credits system - new prizes for bingo
* the need of a new aw newsletter
* the current sources of information
  22nd June 2013
  Star-Spangled Rating

Introduction of the Star-Spangled Rating.

One week after the free-citizenship launch , all citizens got a rating that has been indicated with stars. The color and the numbers of stars indicate how long you have been a citizen in AW.

1 year 1 green star 10 years 1 gold(orange) star
2 years 2 green stars 11 years 2 gold(orange) stars
3 years 3 green stars 12 years 3 gold(orange) stars
4 years 1 blue star 13 years 1 gold(yellow) star
5 years 2 blue stars 14 years 2 gold(yellow) stars
6 years 3 blue stars 15 years 3 gold(yellow) stars
7 years 1 red star more than 15 1 diamond(white) star
8 years 2 red stars    
9 years 3 red stars    

See also on the wiki pages:

  20th June 2013
  AW credits button : new payment system


When clicking upon this "orang-circle"icon on the toolbar , a menu will appear with information about buying credits. You can buy credits by choosing "i need more credits". The more credits you buy , the more advantage you will make : for instance, you can buy 1000 credits for 80.5$ if you use Paypal. Then you will have credits upon you account, which you can use to buy worlds, bots , clothes .... The amount of credits you have will appear on the screen, but you can hide/show this information by choosing : Show - Credit Info (CTRL+F7)

You can buy a p10-world for 200 credits, with access for 5 users. When you buy a larger world, you also have other advantages. For instance, a p20-world costs 600 credits, with access for 50 simultaneous users and VOIP included.

If you want to buy bots, for using 1 bot per year you have to pay 210 credits, 3 bots will cost 570 credits. And you can also buy credits if you want to change the nickname (200 credits).

Finally you can also buy clothes or accessories in the AWMall world, but here you don't need to click upon the awcredits button, but by clicking upon the object you want to buy. Then you will see how much it costs ,and then you need to confirm if you want to buy the object or not.

  15th June 2013
  AW announces free citizenship


On june 15th, Activeworlds starts with free citizenship for all. No more tourists, everyone is citizen now. AW also starts with a new payment system with credits. AWMall becomes the new portal world, where you will find avatar clothes and accessories with you can buy with those credits.


  May 2013
  Activeworlds ready for a new start...

Activeworlds passed through the worst. Now the revival...

AW continues losing visitors and it is clear for all of us that the introduction of the free citizenship had to be implemented urgently. There were talks about it already about 2 years ago, but there was effort and time needed to develop the aw program for this change. And there were also the implementations of the version 6.0 in 2012 with a lot of great improvements every month, starting as from june 2012 and still going on now in 2013.

As people remained without any answer about free citizenship and about the future pricing policy of AW, people started to hesitate and leave. In may 2013, AW reached the lowest number of visitors : below 10 simultaneous users on the calmest moments of the day and only 40 users at peak hours. Since the startup of the free citizenship in june 2013, the number of visitors has almost doubled after 2 months. The revival has started !