The explorers Club

07 december - The second place of this 7th Explorers Club went to Serenity. This is also a Christmas themed world , and is owned by Nursemom (#304857). It's p30 sized world with plenty of nice objects (it's a heavy download and you better lower the visibility in this world), and Nursemom also received a CYAward with this world.


The explorers Club
  Winter : Holiday Park

07 december - The 7th Explorers Club was guided by CableCar Gal (#288431) She replaced Keshi (#352322) , who couldn't be here due to heatlh problems. As the previous event was cancelled also for this reason, and as it is the last explorers event for this year, there have been chosen 2 locations for todays explorers event. The first location is the world Winter, where we visit Holiday Park , which is a Christmas building area. It's also the actual world entry point of Winter : 715N 2036E.


The explorers Club

02 november - The 6th Explorers Club event was the world Mythopia . This world was founded by Starheart (#354303) in 2003 and he received a CyAward for it in 2010.

Mythopia is a world where you can find most of the models that Starheart has created during those years , and which you can also find on his website (for sale , and some for free too).


The explorers Club
  Regina Down

12 october - The 5th trip of the Explorers Club has been a trip to the world ReginaDN. This world is owned by Karten (#315184) , and he is an Activeworlds citizen for many years.

The world is based on a world in the traveller RPG adventure universe, the world is a park island representing several theme areas around the island...


The explorers Club
  America : Fun Park

21 september - The 4th trip of the Explorers Club went to the world America , where a small part of the world has been visited : America Fun Park.

This is a recent build, made in july and august by a team of builders (announced at the entry of the park) , under the name of American Builder (#197243). This part has also become the new landing zone point of the world America.

As soon as you arrive America Fun Park, you can hear the music announcing something great to visit....


The explorers Club
  Canyon : River Crest Canyon

24 august - This time, the world Canyon was been explored. The world owner of this world is Red Sorceress (#343925) and she runs this world already for several years. She also has her own website. At the end of the exploration event, a lot of visitors stayed for a group picture on the bridge over the River Crest Canyon...


The explorers Club
  AW : Zion Epic Trilogy

03 august - This is the second location that has been chosen by the Explorers Club. The Zion Epic Trilogy is located in Alphaworld : AW 25348N 31302E 12a (= at an altidude of 120 metres) and has been built by Seiya Faye. This area has been build in 2002. At this time the AW version was still version 3.4 , when particle emitters and movers still didn't exist. But in spite of that , it still remains an interesting location to be visited ...

The explorers Club
  Funland Game

21july - The Explorers Club has started with its first Explorers event , and Funland_Game has been chosen as the first location to be visited . Each time the Explorers Club will choose in advance which location that will be visited. The meeting point is each time the GZ of the portal world (AWMall) and when the events starts , the location that will be explored will be revealed.

Funland_Game has been chosen because it is a world with lots of games and fun. The world has been created in 2010 as a participating world at a game world contest. The world contains several games, designed by team of builders : you can navigate with a jetski , fly with a plane, or ride on your own spider into a labyrinth. There is a maze, there is a quest to save a baby dragon, ...and much more... The world is owned by Nursemom (#304857) , who was also present at this meeting