Christmas Party @ Kitteths World

This Christmas Party was organized by Nitecap(#353442) in her world Kitteths on december 21st . The world is all about cats and the party had a special atmosphere with all the cats around. But there was more...

  Winter Holiday Village & Christmas Parade

In the world Winter you can build your own christmas theme in the Winter Holiday Village II ( 718N 1960E) and is located next to the Winter Holiday Village of 2010. Some of us have seen those buildings of 2010 already with the Explores Club on 7th December. There are 56 building lots , ask of telegram to Bach Zhaa(#360197) for your own building lot. You can build during the whole christmas period : from december 7th till January 4th

On december 22nd there is the Christmas parade (there are 3 parades planned on this day) and those are organized in the Winter Holiday Village.

  GK Holiday Party

On 14 december, there was the Gatekeepers Holiday Party , organized by the AW gatekeepers in GKDays world.

  Barn Dance in Alphaworld

On 30 november, the Nitecap(#353442) has invited us for a party @ AW 1495S 3240E in the barn of TenYearsGone(#378183) . It's a small barn with small dusty PE-stars. The barn is located near a road with trolley track , all builds in that area are made by TenYearsGone. But now it was time for a party.....

  Defiancy : Opening of a building world

On 23 november, the world Defiancy has been opened, it's a world in wich everyone can build on a building lot of 49 cells (70mx70m) , the world is a p30-size and there are 48 building lots. The world is owned by Darksize (#363329 ) , other teams members are Dragowing (#362235 ), Jeffrey (#364267 ) and Dylan (#381822) . All these members are from Holland, but in the world both english and dutch text signs are used .

These members have already a lot of experience with running a building world, as they have run similar worlds in the AW-Europe universe.

  Kenneth's Opening Party in Kenneth

On 9th November , Kenneth(#313432) organized a party in his world Kenneth, celebrating the opening of his world. The world Kenneth is a p20 and consists of nearly 2000 trees and shrubs, with some paths crossing the area, one path arriving at a lake where you have a boat mover. There are also some brilliantly built animals with standard objects.

  AWReunion : TGIF parties

The AWReunion world team organizes every friday a TGIF party, meaning "thank god it's friday" , making each time a good start for the weekend. We went for a look at the TGIF party on 1st AWReunion 56N 77E.

  Yellow : Halloween Ball

The team of the Yellow world ( Ozman(#357777) , Apooka(#363660) , ...) has organized this years Halloween Ball on 31st october. The entry point was on position 151S 1697E in Echo Meadow Village, and from that position you can follow a path which takes you to the Halloween Ball event Yellow 151S 1767E

  Funbox : Tower of Terror

GSK (#348037) presented us a second big event this year on 26th october after his "Millionaire"event in July. This event was even more succesful with up to 37 visitors. GSK surprised us with a splendid light show and music, ....

  AW Reunion Halloween Costume Ball

The Halloween Costume Ball on 26th october in AW Reunion has been a success. The dance hall looked very original by using skeletons instead of columns, which makes me think about the Kariatides in Greece. To see what happened inside the building , just look over here:

  AW School Reopening party @ Fishbones

On 28th September there was the grand reopening party of AWSchool in the Fishbones Dancing Club. It has been quiet for a while in AWSchool , especially after the loss of Jetta Lewis, but now there is a brand new team , and since the AW switch of June 2013 , there are again new visitors which would like to know AW better and start to build or start up a new world. And the new AWSchool team is now ready to help them. Look for more pictures of the party ....

  AW Reunion : Bling Bash Party

In the world AWReunion, there were dancing and games on friday 27th september with the Bling Bash Party. This party means the start of the Bling Building Event in AWReunion ,where you can build your own Bling Theme for the next monts.

On location 404S 397w you will also find a 3D calendar of all the events in AW for every month.

  Birthday parties

In this AWTimes newsletter, you can read that there is a birthday area, where everyone can build a 3d present for their friends. But apart from that , there are birthday parties , in the world AWReunion there is each friday evening the TGIF-Party (Thank God it's Friday), where they celebrate those which have their birthday during the month.

And finally you have also individual birthday parties : a world is opened especially for a birthday party of 1 specific citizen. On this picture you will see the birthday party on 23rd of september for Belladora (#189476). Belladora has been a citizen for a long time, she is an artist and painter, and a few years ago she also had her own 3d galaxy called "Castles" where she showed some of her paintings. After the AW-switch in june 2013, Belladora decided to return to AW and started again a 3d world here (Belladora world), where you can see her artistic work again. She also plans to build a big white castle :)

  Poetry Night & Books of Gor reading

Lady Eagleheart (#362541) organizes regularly Poetry Night events. You can view in the AWForum when each event will take place, like this event on 14th september

Apart from that, Lady Eagleheart also organizes Gor book readings. Since VOIP is introduced for all private worlds larger than p20-size, it has become interesting to make a book reading session just by reading a book (instead of typing it) and those who listen don't need to read the book themselves. The event is in the world Gor N.F. , and is focused on the book reading only. Gor N.F. is an adult world, so mentioning your age is required when entering.


  AW Community meeting

On the 1st and 3rd sunday evening of each month, you can join the successful AW Community meeting events organized by Bach Zhaa (#360197). Each time Bach Zhaa talks about the lastest news in Activeworlds : upgrades, games, parties, events, worlds , but also about how to improve the AW Community.

Before July 2013, the AW Community Meeting was a monthly event, and now there is a meeting on the 1st and 3rd sunday evening of each month. In september, there were 5 sundays so there was no meeting on the 5th sunday.

In the AWTimes you will find each time a link to the AWForum with a summary about each meeting. The summary is added each time by Bach Zhaa a few days after the meeting, if you missed the meeting, you can always read this.

  "Acronym game" at the Birthday party

Every month there is a birthday party for those which have their birthday during that month. There usually is music with a huge dancefloor and with a choice of dance sequences for your avatar. But apart from that , there are also games. The birthday party on 10th august was organized in the world AWReunion , and there was the acronym game , which is a kind of an "abbreviation" game.

How did the game work ? The gamebot showed an abbreviation of 2-3 or 4 letters, and then you could whisper to the gamebot what this abbreviation could mean to you. If your answer was valid, the bot showed it as a possible answer, you could answer within 1 minute. After that the gamebot showed the possible solutions with a number. Then everyone could start to vote for the best answer by typing the corresponding number to the gamebot.

Example : the bot mentions the abbreviation : P.O.P. ,then player 1 whispers to the bot : Pretty Old People, and player 2 sends to the bot : People On Parties. Both answers are valid, and then all the people in the room can start to vote between answer 1 or 2.

There were some game rules : You could not vote for yourself and you could only vote for 1 person per abbreviation. The person who reached first 25 points was the winner. The winner of the august game was Keshi : she managed to give each time several possible answers, so she had more chance to receive points from others : Well done Keshi !.

  The Explorers Club

On July 20th , we had the first meeting of the Explorers Club, which has been very succesful. Each time the Explorers Club announces their meeting in the AW Forum, there is approximately 1 event each month. Leader of the Explorers Club event is Keshi(#352322). Gathering point is the GZ of the portal world of the AW Universe. At the announced time, the location is revealed that will be explored : a world or a location in a world, all depends on the size of the world. You can read more about the Explorers Club under the page "Communities and People". You can view all the explored places in this newsletter under the page "Explore" or click here :

  Funbox : Who wants to be a Millionaire

On July 20th, GSK (#348037) has restarted with his succesful game "Who wants to be a millionaire". Last year, the game was organised in the world Airpark. But this time he has organized his game in the world Funbox2 in the universe AW-Europe, where GSK uses the name Mark. AW-Europe runs with the same Activeworlds browser, but still uses version 5.0 , the program must be downloaded separately by going to the website You can run both programs (Activeworlds and AW-Europe ) at the same time on your computer.