Using picture files in AW

A randomly chosen creation.....

The best building world is of course Alphaworld (AW), because it is also the biggest building world and all things are built with the standard objects only, which you can find also in most of the other worlds. I did go to the 2013 landing zone of the AW world , that is on location 2000N 7000E and not far from there i chose randomly this place to make the create-button for this AWTimes webpage. These objects have been built by Duskbat (#289483) in the year 2008 on position 2015N 6986E. The colours are rather unusual , and that's because the builder of this site has chosen a texture from an external site, instead of using the standard textures of AW.

An external site for your picture files

If you are a new builder, this is the first tip we can give you : if you use pictures of an external link, you must know that this website can always go offline or the website can delete the picture you want to use. And not all website owners like deeplinking on their website, because they have extra internet traffic on their site without the fact that the website has been visited. There are a lot of freeware programs, but also these can go offline, even reliable ones: this area in AW has been built in 2008, but if you go to an area that has been built in 2002, you might find a lot of links to Yahoo Geocities , but a few years later, Yahoo had decided to stop with Geocities, so all the pictures links to that website don't work anymore. Here in this case, if you right-click upon the purple floor, you can see that Duskbat has used pictures from his own website : Duskbat can decide himself how long he wants to keep the pictures in this world. You can find websites which offer webspace for a low price, with a small extra amount for having also your own website . Of course also the company which offers the webspace can decide to stop , so it's useful to keep a copy of the textures that you want to use on your computer or on a usb-stick. If you don't want to spend money on webspace, you can use reliable websites, there are even some AW communities like e.g. SWCity which offer free textures and pictures that can be used for building.


In the building next to this creation, Duskbat did also use other textures which he had uploaded on his website, but he used also a lot of links of online webcams. If the link doesn't exist anymore or the website is offline, then you see a black&white-speckled screen, like you can see on this picture : after 5 years it is always possible that a website goes offline.

How to get constantly updated pictures

If you want to have an update of the webcam on your picture-object your can use this action command (in this example the puture is updated every 20 seconds ) :

create picture webcam.princess.com/webcam/coral_bridge.jpg update=20